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Did you miss the deadline or get a letter from a tax agency?

Vance & Associates provides comprehensive income tax services to effectively resolve tax controversies. We have the experience to provide legally sound answers to tax issues. Long-term strategic solutions for tax savings and compliance are identified along with short-term improvement to timely compliance. Call (757) 496-6613 now to schedule a consultation.

  1. Have you gotten a letter from the IRS or your state's Department of Taxation?

    1. FIRST-DO NOT contact the agency until you have consulted with our firm. Many people make the mistake of divulging too much information in an initial call to the agency, greatly decreasing the likelihood of negotiating.

    2. Call our office and bring in all letters you have received from the government agency. Time is of the essence to avoid further tax penalties and possible liens against your bank accounts and possessions.

    3. We will contact the agency on your behalf, attempt to have liens lifted, work out terms to have documents filed, file delinquent tax returns, then attempt to negotiate tax penalties and Offer and Compromises, if applicable (very tight requirements under new IRS regs).

    4. It probably took you a long time to get into tax trouble-it doesn't need to take as long to get out.

    5. DON'T believe the hype on TV commercials about paying "pennies on the dollar." It is false advertising and you will not get results. Come to us for realistic expectations.

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